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Jack Terzi About JTREWhy Choose Jack Terzi Real Estate?

Jack Terzi Real Estate (JTRE) has successfully created a foundation built on their relationships with tenants and their passion for the real estate industry. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” states JTRE’s visionary founder Jack Terzi. By carving his own unique path in the real estate world, Terzi and his team quickly became one of New York’s most forward thinking real estate firms.

By building a team of experts who who offer representation in the commercial, retail, and industrial fields, Jack Terzi has differentiated JTRE from the competition. While some companies are able to handle at least one of these channels of real estate, Jack Terzi Real Estate takes the lead in property assessment, marketing services, and negotiating tactics. Jack Terzi and the team have always been determined to assist each and every client in every way possible.

Years of experience has provided Jack Terzi and his team with beneficial relationships with NYC landlords and brokers. Jack Terzi Real Estate understands that clients are looking for more than just a building, but the ideal home for their business. We ensure lifelong relationships with quality team members who are ready to discover the newest acquisitions, dispositions, availabilities, and lease executions.