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Jack Terzi

Who Is Jack Terzi?

“Whatever our clients need, we try to add more value,” states Jack Terzi in reference to JTRE’s included concierge service. By offering hotel and dinner reservations, car service, and assistance with apartment searches, it’s no wonder Jack Terzi Real Estate (JTRE) has quickly escalated to the top of the New York real estate industry. Terzi’s hard-working mentality has resulted in not only multi million-dollar deals, but also features in The Real Deal, The New York Post, Commercial Observer, and many more large publications. Most importantly, Jack Terzi’s dedication and passion has earned the respect of his clients and peers.

Jack Terzi PhotoJack Terzi spent his early days in Gravesend, Brooklyn. He found his way into the real estate industry after deciding that the family retail business was not for him. Years of relentless hard work and dedication allowed Terzi to turn $50,000 into $500,000,000 worth of relationship-based investments and property.

Although Jack Terzi’s properties, partners, and clients can be found all across New York City, his success did not come quickly or easily. JTRE’s triumph has been a result of Jack Terzi’s dedication to real estate, his strong relationships with key influencers, and his team’s accommodations to clients’ requests. View Jack Terzi’s acquisitions and projects, or contact Jack Terzi Real Estate (JTRE) for more information.